R4E Gold (Rotorua)

Sat Dec 18, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (NZDT)
McDonald's Te Ngae, 2 Robinson Avenue, Ōwhata, Rotorua  

Seasonal promotion: Normal booking fees (Bronze $20 and Silver/Gold $50) have been reduced to zero, so new bookings for courses in October/November/December are now FREE.

Ideal for experienced riders looking to hone specific technical aspects of riding and riding styles. Groups can determine their own course content for the day. If you have not had any prior experience with Motorcycle Roadcraft (as taught in the Ride Forever programme), we strongly recommend that you take a Silver course before taking the Gold.

**What you’ll get out of it** The flexibility of the Gold course means the outcomes will relate to your needs. Typical areas of focus include riding in groups, riding with a pillion, counter steering, trail braking and advanced cornering.

**On the day** After briefing and safety check you'll ride to an area selected by your instructor to suit the programme and skills you want to focus on. The day is made up of a series of modules with several stops for assessment, including a lunch break. Ensure you: wear protective motorcycle clothing top to toe; bring money to buy lunch; make sure your machine is warranted, registered and roadworthy; arrive with a full tank of fuel. Please remove any communication device on your helmet as one will be supplied. If you have a comfortable pair of in-ear headphones with a 3.5mm jack (standard mobile phone size), please bring them along.

Neil Stodart

Motorcycle Instructor
McDonald's Te Ngae, 2 Robinson Avenue, Ōwhata, Rotorua