Introduction to Adventure Riding

$250 nzd
Fri Nov 5, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (NZDT)
TECT Park (meet at Visitor Centre near main entrance), Whataroa Road, Ngawaro  

Basic skills of adventure riding, will be just right for most people who just want to ride gravel roads and dirt tracks to interesting places, whilst for others they may be the first step on the journey to even more adventurous riding.

We show you:
:: use of throttle, clutch and brakes to maintain traction
:: basic body position, seated and standing
:: body position and technique for turns, climbs and descents
:: body position and technique for accelerating and decelerating

At the start location, we will complete some paper work and cover some theory, then get out onto some nearby gravel roads and quiet dirt areas to put theory into practice and continue coaching.

We will be outdoors pretty much all day and exposed to whatever the weather brings, so come prepared. The terrain will be mostly gravel, but if the weather and surface conditions are suitable (not excessively boggy or slippery), we may ride on some dirt.
Bring sunscreen, hat, water and snacks etc as appropriate, preferably in a small backpack so easily accessible (a Camelbak type hydration pack is ideal).

If possible, bring old riding gear, and/or be prepared for your riding gear to get grubby.
Bring ear buds that terminate with a 3.5mm jack plug for in-helmet comms (I use Cardo Pactalk). If you have helmet headphones that terminate with the same jack plug, you can use those. I do not mix different types of communication systems, so if you have other brands, please remove in advance or be prepared to remove on the day.

There will be stops for toilet breaks and fresh water along the way and we will stop at a cafe for lunch.

Neil Stodart

Motorcycle Instructor
TECT Park (meet at Visitor Centre near main entrance), Whataroa Road, Ngawaro