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Ride Forever Bronze (Tauranga)

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Sat, 17 Aug 2024, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm NZST
Makz Gear, 52 Second Avenue, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand Map
Ride Forever Bronze (Tauranga)
Ride Forever programme (subsidised by ACC)

From learning how to keep yourself safe on the daily commute to honing the most advanced riding techniques, there's a Ride Forever course to suit your needs. Ride Forever courses also support NZTA's Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) requirements for licensing. While each course delivers important skills on its own, the full complement is designed to help you progress to a higher level. So, if you start at Bronze, you can advance through Silver to Gold level, taking a maximum of two courses per year along the way, a minimum of three months apart, any course more than once if you wish. Once there, you can continue to take a Gold refresher course each year. 

Ride Forever Bronze course

The Bronze course is a full day aimed at riders on a Learner motorcycle licence, and other motorcycle licence holders who are building their confidence, possibly returning to riding after a break. Bronze specifically focuses on improving riding knowledge and learning the skills required to pass the CBTA Restricted assessment, with a primary focus on urban road riding, and a lesser focus on open road riding. Topics may include: pre-ride bike checks; safety gear; observation (scanning, mirrors, head checks); interaction with other road users (indicators etc); control of the bike (including smooth use of controls, positioning to see and be seen, making good safe progress); road rules (especially speed limits, following distance, Stop/Give Way lines); slow manoeuvring (especially U-turns); emergency braking; countersteering.

Road environment and distance covered: mostly urban, with some open road riding, typically up to around 100km.

Prerequisites: NZ Class 6L licence; riders can operate their bike effectively (throttle, clutch, brakes, gears, mirrors, indicators etc) and are comfortable with riding on the road at all posted speed limits.

Want to see what this course might be like? Check out this ACC video:

If you are not sure you are ready for a Bronze course, then contact us about one-to-one training options.

Notes for all courses

The day begins with a briefing (with some theory discussion and videos) and safety check then moves onto an appropriate mix of roads to put theory into practice. Practicing skills may take place off-highway with several stops for feedback and further discussion, including a lunch break. Courses are run in small groups (we have a maximum of 4 students on our courses), which allows for some individual tuition and feedback to help each rider improve.

Ensure you: bring your motorcycle licence with you; wear protective motorcycle clothing top to toe suitable for the weather conditions on the day (minimum: all skin covered); bring water and snacks plus money to buy lunch; bring any personal items you may need for the day, such as glasses, hat, sunblock etc; make sure you are familiar with the NZ road rules and are applying them; check your machine is registered, warranted, roadworthy and appropriate for your licence (LAMS approved if you do not have a Full licence; bearing an L plate if you have a Learner licence); arrive with a full tank of fuel.

Please remove any communication device on your helmet as one will be supplied. If you have a comfortable pair of in-ear headphones with a 3.5mm jack (standard mobile phone size), please bring them along.

Paying the booking fee secures one of the limited places on the course on this date specifically for you. We run courses in all weathers, but will postpone for weather conditions that the instructor deems unsuitable (for example, a MetService Severe Weather Warning is in place). We get paid by ACC only for riders who attend the course, so please ensure that you are prepared and committed to attend on the day.

If you have any questions, contact us before making a booking and we can discuss the most appropriate way for you to progress your riding.

Relevant Feedback

Maria 16 June 2024

I learned a lot about keeping my bubble safe on the road and gave me more confidence in doing emergency braking. Thank you for your patience and for the informative session.

Event: Ride Forever Silver (Tauranga)
Nandor 11 June 2024

Two key focusses were keeping safe / minimising risk while riding, and how license assessors mark you during a license test. I feel more confident now with sudden braking, taking the right line on curves, general awareness and sitting my restricted test. Thanks Neil.

Event: Ride Forever Bronze (Whakatāne)
Louise 10 May 2024

Was awesome doing a course with Neil. It was clear that he knew what he was doing and has a wealth of knowledge. Although it was a bronze course and there is a range of skill levels, he adapted each session to the persons skill levels, not leaving behind less experienced and not slowing down the more experienced. Was great!

Event: Ride Forever Bronze (Tauranga)
John 14 Apr 2024

Learnt valuable skills and techniques from Neil and the practical application of these. The course is excellent preparation for the restricted licience. Neil is patient, explains things clearly and provided great feedback on the practical session.

Event: Ride Forever Bronze (Tauranga)


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Makz Gear, 52 Second Avenue, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand


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