CBTA 6R Fast-Track To Restricted Licence

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Wed, 31 July 2024, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm NZST
McDonald's Pāpāmoa, 7 Gravatt Rd, Pāpāmoa Beach, Pāpāmoa Map
CBTA 6R Fast-Track To Restricted Licence
Combined Training and Licence Assessment Package

2.5 hours intensive training in urban and highway/rural environments, followed by a short break and then the Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) Restricted licence assessment (4 hours total).

This package is for people who have a Learner licence plus some riding experience and are completely comfortable riding a bike but have not taken formal on-road riding training and are not able to take a full day Ride Forever Bronze course. There is no minimum time required on the Learner licence.

A LAMS-approved motorcycle can be arranged at a small charge if you do not have access to one.

We use Cardo Packtalk bike-to-bike communication systems on the day. Please bring your own in-ear wired headphones with 3.5mm jack plug (like you might get with a mobile phone) to connect.

You must wear suitable protective equipment, an approved helmet, gloves and be in possession of your driver licence. You must ride a LAMS approved motorcycle with an approved L plate attached. WoF and Registration must be current and displayed. The motorcycle must be in a warrantable standard when inspected before the assessment. If your machine is not compliant or your clothing is not appropriate, the assessment will not be conducted in the interests of your own safety.

The appointment time includes setup of communications system, approximately 2.5 hours of on-road training, short refreshment break, conducting the assessment, clear-up of communications system, basic feedback and result notice, plus certificate (for successful candidate).

Detailed information on the CBTA system and CBTA criteria for testing is available online:



Further information is available in the NZTA publication Road Code for Motorcyclists.

The appointment will proceed irrespective of weather conditions, unless the assessor deems the conditions unsafe. The candidate is expected to arrive prepared to complete the assessment.

The candidate and their motorcycle are required to meet all the applicable legal criteria, including Driving Licence, Vehicle Registration, Vehicle Warrant of Fitness, Vehicle Warrantable Condition and fitness to drive (eg free from the influence of drugs and alcohol). If the candidate fails to attend, or they or their motorcycle cannot meet these requirements without delay (less than 15 minutes), the session is abandoned, and appointment fee is forfeited.

Other dates and times available - call us to discuss.

All appointment fees to be paid within 48 hours of booking to secure appointment time.

All direct credit payments to Empowered Journeys, account 02-1269-0029660-000, name as reference.

Relevant Feedback

Matias 9 Mar 2024

As in previous assessments, the support and guidance that Neil provides is over the charts. He makes you feel comfortable and ready for the test since the first minute.

Event: CBTA 6R Fast-Track To Restricted Licence
Raymond 21 Dec 2023

Great session. Thank you for the valuable feedback, advice, tips, support. Greatly appreciated.

Event: CBTA 6R Fast-Track To Restricted Licence
Roy 17 Dec 2023

Had a great day riding with Neil, I definitely learned a lot and would recommend his course to anyone wanting to learn how to keep yourself safe on a bike. Well worth the money.

Event: CBTA 6R Fast-Track To Restricted Licence
Edward 1 Nov 2023

Very valuable instruction. Great personal feedback. Really enjoyed the training and felt confident going into my test

Event: CBTA 6R Fast-Track To Restricted Licence


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McDonald's Pāpāmoa, 7 Gravatt Rd, Pāpāmoa Beach, Pāpāmoa


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