Welcome to Empowered Journeys Motorcycle Training! Based in Tauranga (Bay of Plenty, NZ), we offer one-to-one lessons and assessment for every level of motorcycle licence from Learner licence (Learn To Ride and Basic Handling Skills) through Restricted licence to Full licence, and the ACC Ride Forever range of group training courses (Bronze/Silver/Gold). We specialise in small groups and highly-personalised service. If you want to learn to ride a motorbike or to improve your bike riding skills, we can definitely help you.

The Events List shows our scheduled and available Learn To Ride (LTR), Basic Handling Skills (BHS), Ride Forever and Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) sessions. Use the 'Category' filter on the Events List to see the types of session that interest you. If you don't yet have a NZ motorcycle licence, 'Getting Started' is the category for you.

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Jayden 14 July 2024

Neil’s a great teacher and his feedback was very helpful.

Event: Basic Handling Skills (BHS)
Iwiroa 14 July 2024

Great instructions and user-friendly feedback. Could say enough how helpful Neil is. Keep up the good work.
Cheers Iwiroa Wairua

Event: Basic Handling Skills (BHS)
Scott 10 July 2024

Thank you Neil, for your fantastic training and guidence. You make learning comfortable and intuitive. Cheers!

Event: Basic Handling Skills (BHS)
Khan 8 July 2024

Would recommend for anyone wanting to sit there licence A ++

Event: Basic Handling Skills (BHS)
Charlotte 7 July 2024

Neil is fantastic. Very knowledgeable, and clear with his teachings. Highly recommend

Event: Ride Forever Silver (Tauranga)
Michael 23 June 2024

As with all training and assessments before, it was an absolute joy to undertake and succeed in my full license assessment with Neil. Thanks heaps for facilitating my riding journey and I’m looking forward to more training ahead.

Event: CBTA 6F Combined coaching and Full licence assessment
John 17 June 2024

I have been riding a bike off and on for a while now, with little or no instructions or critique. This course provided that and I was grateful for the tips and guidance offered. If I apply these tips and critique, I will probably be a better rider and possibly a safer one. Old habits die hard but it is necessary to read them their rights. Neil was patient and helpful, I was getting a little low on blood sugar by the last hour, as I am diabetic. Great course.

Event: Ride Forever Silver (Tauranga)
Maria 16 June 2024

I learned a lot about keeping my bubble safe on the road and gave me more confidence in doing emergency braking. Thank you for your patience and for the informative session.

Event: Ride Forever Silver (Tauranga)
Michael 16 June 2024

Patient with easy to understand style of teaching.

Event: Combined Learn To Ride (LTR) and Basic Handling Skills (BHS)
Nicole 16 June 2024

Thanks again Neil, the Ride Forever journey obviously doesn’t stop after getting my full licence and i learned some really important new information while reinforcing things I’ve been working on. I’ll see you for another Silver Course once I’ve got my Speed 400 😀😀😀

Event: Ride Forever Silver (Tauranga)
Scott 12 June 2024

I cant speak highly enough of Neil and his professionalism towards guiding me in getting my full Class 6 license which I now have achieved. It all started with him assessing me for my basic handling skills and right through to now with my full license. I highly recommend anyone who wants to get the class 6, to do the whole thing with Neil and also strongly recommend doing his Bronze and Silver “Ride Forever” classes in the mix. You will be a much better rider for it. Thanks again Neil your a legend……. Scotty

Event: CBTA 6F Combined coaching and Full licence assessment
Nicolas 12 June 2024

Great experience.
Very safe and clear training.

Highly recommended.
Thanks Neil!!


Event: CBTA 6F Combined coaching and Full licence assessment
Nandor 11 June 2024

Two key focusses were keeping safe / minimising risk while riding, and how license assessors mark you during a license test. I feel more confident now with sudden braking, taking the right line on curves, general awareness and sitting my restricted test. Thanks Neil.

Event: Ride Forever Bronze (Whakatāne)
Scott 9 June 2024

As usual… Neil delivers a world class Course. Highly recommended for all riders. Its amazing the extra knowledge and skills you gain from his coaching. Looking forward to doing the “Gold” coarse he provides!! ……. Thanks again Neil, your a legend!! :)

Event: Ride Forever Silver (Tauranga)
SEAN 9 June 2024

Once again, an excellent day of motorbike tuition. Great work Neil.

Event: Ride Forever Silver (Tauranga)
Tony 20 May 2024

Neil was great to work with.He has plenty of knowledge and the way he delivers the information was great . I have new manoeuvres to go away and practice thank you .would recommend The courses to other riders that have been out of the game for awhile and getting back into it you never too old to learn new things

Event: Ride Forever Silver (Whakatāne)
Antony 17 May 2024

Neil is knowledgeable, patient, and very clear in his instructions.
I like the fact that he references the Motorcycle Roadcraft book. This is the UK Police rider’s handbook on motorcycle roadcraft. I had previously completed a roadcraft driving course with the UK Police, which vastly improved my driving roadcraft. Neil’s tuition of the Ride Forever Gold Course curriculum alongside the skills and defensive riding practices outlined in the Motorcycle Roadcraft book, combine to be a definitive day-long tuition on becoming a better, safer rider in NZ and beyond. Neil makes no assumptions about your riding ability. I highly recommend Neil, without hesitation, as a trainer for motorcycle riders of all skill levels, including new riders, and those riders who have ridden the roads for many a year with thousands of miles on their bikes. Neil was recommended to me by another trainer and rider, and I now understand why. Thanks, Neil for Empowering our Journeys with your knowledge, skills and roadcraft. Regards, Tony aka T-Man.

Event: Ride Forever Gold (Tauranga)
Louise 10 May 2024

Was awesome doing a course with Neil. It was clear that he knew what he was doing and has a wealth of knowledge. Although it was a bronze course and there is a range of skill levels, he adapted each session to the persons skill levels, not leaving behind less experienced and not slowing down the more experienced. Was great!

Event: Ride Forever Bronze (Tauranga)
oscar 9 May 2024

very enjoyable and very informative. lots of great learning and a great instructor.

Event: Ride Forever Bronze (Tauranga)
Jake 28 Apr 2024

Had an awesome instructor who was straight to the point and had awesome tips.

Event: Basic Handling Skills (BHS)
Aaron 28 Apr 2024
Event: Basic Handling Skills (BHS)
Mark 25 Apr 2024

These courses ARE a must for us vulnerable road users. But never forget we must take some responsibility for the way interact with other road users. By doing the courses for whatever ability we have, or think we have, reinforces or reminds us how to ride safely and responsibly. I have completed bronze silver and gold now and each time the instructors have improved the skills I had forgotten about and given me new ones to take forward and advance my riding in the future. I have been riding for 36 years and i know these courses are SO valuable in getting me safely back to my family.
Thanks to Neil Stodard from Empowered Journeys for expertise and professionalism making It an absolute blast( I was lucky enough to have a 1 on 1 session😎) , learnt heaps took away a few things to practise and HIGHLY recommend him. Thankyou Neil

Event: Ride Forever Gold (Rotorua)
Mason 15 Apr 2024
Event: Basic Handling Skills (BHS)
Cameron 14 Apr 2024

Neil was awesome . Hes really knowledgable and very helpful . I was a bit stressed and he made the whole thing as straight foward as it could be . Cheers

Event: Basic Handling Skills (BHS)
John 14 Apr 2024

Learnt valuable skills and techniques from Neil and the practical application of these. The course is excellent preparation for the restricted licience. Neil is patient, explains things clearly and provided great feedback on the practical session.

Event: Ride Forever Bronze (Tauranga)
Rory 14 Apr 2024

Neil was super welcoming and really takes the time and effort to explain what you need improving on I highly recommend doing the ride forever course

Event: Ride Forever Bronze (Tauranga)
Sam 13 Apr 2024

Very good training and easy to understand tasks when explained

Event: Ride Forever Bronze (Tauranga)
Paul 7 Apr 2024

Neil did an excellent job of teaching us. He correct our errors and encouraged us were we did well. We were able to ask questions and share experience’s, which were then incorporated into the lesson. Riding to survive often requires an attitude change as much as instruction. Neil reinforced and encouraged this.

Event: Ride Forever Silver (Rotorua)
Paul 2 Apr 2024

It was great working with Neil to get my full motorcycle license. He was very helpful, and I came away, not only with my competency certificate, but with more information to reflect on and improve my riding skills further.
Thanks Neil.

Event: CBTA 6F Combined coaching and Full licence assessment
Noelene 31 Mar 2024

Excellent learning, great instructor, I really enjoyed the atmosphere. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their riding skills. Love that we have the option of having it in Rotorua!

Event: Ride Forever Bronze (Rotorua)
John 30 Mar 2024

Neil was very insightful and provided great feedback on our progress throughout the day. Would recommend Neil’s course to anyone wanting to sharpen their riding skills. Nga mihi, Neil.

Event: Ride Forever Bronze (Rotorua)
Kevin 18 Mar 2024

Neil did a great job of providing detailed feedback and guidance tailored to what I needed and wanted to work on. He’s always great to work with.

Event: Ride Forever Gold (Tauranga)
Benjamin 17 Mar 2024

Neil is a top man. Good patient trainer.

Event: Basic Handling Skills (BHS)
Maggie 17 Mar 2024

I have never ridden a motorcycle before and after just one class i was 100% more comfortable. Neil is a great teacher who explains everything well in detail and keeps the lesson going targeting weaknesses. I highly recommend him as a teacher, especially if you are a total novice.

Event: Learn To Ride (LTR)
Fraser 17 Mar 2024
Event: Learn To Ride (LTR)
Thomas 17 Mar 2024

Neil, was very professional and offered very through riding instruction. I was gutted by having to cut out of the class ,as my Harley was not performing properly

Event: Ride Forever Gold (Tauranga)
Mathew 16 Mar 2024

Completed a gold course today and like always Neil delivered great content in a consistent, informative and easy to understand way. Picked up a couple of new techniques to apply to my riding. Highly recomended. Mat

Event: Ride Forever Gold (Tauranga)
Helga 14 Mar 2024

The coaching was excellent. The instructor was personable and friendly, easy to understand, giving clear instructions and everything needed for the assessment ( and for ongoing safe riding) was covered. Highly recommended!

Event: CBTA 6R Combined coaching and Restricted licence assessment
Nicky 11 Mar 2024

Neil is always great. Would have been nice to do a bit more riding than talking as we covered a lot (in the ACC Ride Forever Gold course) of what was covered in the ACC Ride Forever Silver course, but still a great day and good leadership by Neil. Still lots for me to learn and practice.

Event: Ride Forever Gold (Rotorua)
Grant 10 Mar 2024

Enjoyed the day with Neil Stodart learned some things I was unsure about and found somethings I need to work on his criticism was on point an given in a nice way I would recommend any riders to take up a gold course with him also had great weather which made the day even more enjoyable Grant Booth

Event: Ride Forever Gold (Rotorua)

Empowered Journeys Motorcycle Training offers Learn To Ride (LTR) and Basic Handling Skills Test (BHST) for Learners and CBTA riding lessons and tests for Restricted (6R) and Full (6F) licences in Tauranga, plus ACC Ride Forever group courses (Bronze/Silver/Gold) in Tauranga and Rotorua.