Welcome to Empowered Journeys! Based in Tauranga, NZ, we offer one-to-one training and assessment for road motorcycling at every level from Learner licence (Basic Handling Skills) through Restricted and Full licence to Advanced (Roadcraft), and the ACC Ride Forever range of group training courses (Bronze/Silver/Gold). We specialise in small groups and highly-personalised service.

We also offer an Introduction to Adventure Riding course for those riders who would like to feel confident on unsealed roads.

The Events List shows our upcoming Basic Handling Skills, Ride Forever and Adventure Riding courses. We offer one-to-one, road-based training and licence assessments (CBTA) on weekdays by arrangement. If you need more information, contact us by phone/text (021 211 5395).


Nicole September 26, 2021

Absolutely worthwhile course with a fantastic instructor. An action-packed day full of learning and fun, with Neil catering to the variety of skill levels on the course. Very highly recommended!

Jody September 26, 2021

Hi Neil Thanks for a great day out. Learned so much from you , appreciated the feedback and tips. Excellent !!

Stu September 25, 2021

I found Neil to be a very informative instructor and provided loads of potentially life saving techniques and tips. He also was happy to answer any questions I had. More than happy to have done the Bronze course that covered everything you’d require to advance from a learners license. I look forward to doing the Silver. Cheers Stu

Greg September 25, 2021

Seems because I hadn’t done the instructer led course before hand I was always going to fail. My regret is not taking my go-pro as its my word vs the instructor. I would seriously recommend for anyone else they take their go-pro. The instructor should have one to back up their claims.

KRISHNA September 25, 2021

Neil is a natural born motorcycle instructor. Not only does he explain things clearly and calmly but he also exemplifies what it is to be an excellent rider. I learned as much from following him as I did from listening to him. Every rider should do this course, even if you think you know it all.

Tim September 22, 2021

Neil is very knowledgable and every session is very professional and friendly. He provides top class instruction and valuable feedback to enhance the students riding ability.

Lorelle September 20, 2021

Many thanks for a great days training which covered techniques for safe urban and rural riding. I appreciate how the course can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual and identify skills to work on. I’m keen to start on my ‘homework’ and improve by grade for the next course!

Peniamina September 19, 2021
Malcolm September 19, 2021

Neil proved that you CAN “ show an old dog new tricks…..”
A good day resulting in greater awareness when on bike along with a range of learnings and actions on how to be a safer and more confident biker.
(A coffee stop along the way would made it even more perfect ☕️😁😁👌……..).

Doug September 19, 2021

I found the course very helpful and professional. At no time was there any pressure put on the team to preform outside our comfort zones .
We covered all aspects of the road code and common sense whilst riding around town and country .
I look forward to doing the gold course next year
Well done Neil and ACC for providing these courses

Julian September 18, 2021

Excellent. Great refresher, with even more new tips as the last one I did was in Auckland. Great riding and great instructor.

Garry September 17, 2021

Lorelle and I throughly enjoyed our day out with Neil Stodart doing a silver ride for ever course. New roads, new skills & great company 👌 Thanks Neil for a great day 👍

Nicole September 16, 2021

Absolutely fantastic, two hours very well spent! Thanks so much, Neil

Cory September 16, 2021

Thanks Neil, the brief before the 6F Licence test was clear and thorough. The criteria to meet was explained well and the instructions through out the test were clear and delivered in good time to allow me adequate preparation to carry them out. Although I don’t think it is a necessity if you are a well and experienced rider, I would still recommend the optional combined training. This option helped with even greater clarity around common errors that could lead to unnecessary faults. Thanks again Neil.

Greer September 15, 2021
Andrew September 13, 2021

Great day of training

Julian September 11, 2021

Highly recommend the ride forever courses, really appreciated feedback on my own riding from a qualified instructor with a wealth of knowledge. The tips and tools you receive to keep as safe as possible on the road are priceless. Thanks Neil for a great day out with a great bunch of riders.

Cory September 10, 2021

This is the second course I’ve done with empowered journeys and I’ve been impressed again with the professionalism and content. I’m pleasantly surprised with the skill development and feed back provided over the days tutorials. In particular co-ordinating natural navigational cues present when the road conditions lack formal signs to indicate road directional changes and simultaneously using the “vanishing point” principal to better adjust to changes in road contours. Another great takeaway for myself was a great explanation around breaking distances and breaking times relative to speed and stopping distance’s between motorcycles and cars and the increased awareness gained when assessing ride speed and space to maintain my “safe bubble” while riding. A great day of learning and riding.

Nicole August 15, 2021

Neil was an awesome teacher and clearly explained every part of the course. He was super encouraging and really put me at ease when I got nervous. It was really cool learning from him today and I highly recommend the course.

Dave August 15, 2021

Great experience and Neil even taught an old guy a few new things :)

Mathew August 15, 2021
Tim August 15, 2021

A very good day enhancing skills and picking up improved riding skills. Neil was a very knowledgable instructor and had a great coaching style highly recommend these courses to all motorcycle riders.

Murray August 14, 2021

A great fun day with lots of learning, I would recommend to anyone.

Michael August 14, 2021

An outstanding and knowledgeable instructor.

caleb August 8, 2021

Great course to take well worth the investment Neil is a great teacher for any skill levels highly recommended

Kiri August 1, 2021

Great place to start for new motorcycle riders. Having never riden on one before I was very thankful for the safe place and establishing good rider behavior will be doing another round to undergo the test. I should be more confident next round having started here Thank you Neil your a legend 🙌😁😁

Dean July 30, 2021

Great service as always. Clear instructions and enjoyable training. Will be in touch when I do my next test.

Jeffrey July 26, 2021

great course looking forward to doing a gold in the future

ROBERT July 26, 2021

Had a great time doing the Bronze Ride Forever course with Neil. A good mix of theory and practical. Was very good to get some time following an experienced rider too.

Kylee July 26, 2021

Well worth upskilling to help with safer and more enjoyable riding. Thanks Neil!

Stephen July 26, 2021

Great day of continuous learning and confidence building.

Tim July 24, 2021

Good communicator. Very good rider and teacher. I learnt a lot

Vince July 23, 2021

Well delivered and thought out day. Excellent combination of theory,practice and knowledge reinforcement. Neil delivers an excellent course that has accelerated my skills profession and safely on the road.

Axel July 21, 2021

Neil was an excellent instructor, he had a lot of helpful advice to give. He was serious but friendly and was very clear with what I had to do to complete to course.

Sunny July 21, 2021

Very good teacher, I had a great experience today!

Isaac July 21, 2021
Russell July 20, 2021
Isreal July 19, 2021

Worked with myself and my son, great clear communication and support to complete course highly recommended

Josaiah July 19, 2021
Brandon July 19, 2021