Welcome to Empowered Journeys! Based in Tauranga, NZ, we offer one-to-one training and assessment for road motorcycling at every level from Learner licence (Basic Handling Skills) through Restricted and Full licence to Advanced (Roadcraft), and the ACC Ride Forever range of group training courses (Bronze/Silver/Gold). We specialise in small groups and highly-personalised service.

The Events List shows our upcoming Basic Handling Skills and Ride Forever courses.

We offer one-to-one, road-based training and licence assessments (CBTA) on weekdays by arrangement. We also offer an Introduction to Adventure Riding course for those riders who would like to feel more confident on unsealed roads. If you need more information, contact us by phone/text (021 211 5395).


Michael November 23, 2021

The Silver level course is a great learning platform for those returning to motorcycling. Neil delivers a sound no nonsense course providing a high level of written & practical information that if put into practice provides the rider with the confidence necessary to stay safe while riding in suburbia and out on the highway.

George November 21, 2021

Super friendly and accommodating

Iain November 21, 2021
Mathew November 20, 2021

Recommended to all levels of riders.

Daryl November 20, 2021

Had an awesome day out with Neil today. Picked up some new skills today to help keep me safe out there on the roads. Top bloke with some great knowledge and skills to share. Would highly recommend one of his courses to both New and experienced riders. Not to mention it was a bloody good day out with some bloody
good people 👌

David November 18, 2021
Nick November 11, 2021

A fantastic , well structured day for anyone wanting to start and build their confidence on gravel roads .

Bec November 10, 2021

Excellent course! Really enjoyed the day and got a lot out of it. I started with a skill set of about 5% and left with around 40% but more importantly my confidence in riding metal roads went from 10% to around 70%. This means I now have the confidence to go out and do more back road riding which in turn is going to improve skills and confidence even more. I still cant believe what I was doing on my bike by the end of the day …I honestly didn’t think it was possible. This course has opened up a whole new part of new Zealand to explore on bikes!

Tim November 6, 2021
Jaden November 3, 2021

Awsome will do training again

Nikki November 1, 2021

The course was brilliant, helped me to learn the basics of handling the bike. Neil was patient and great at explaining things.

Alan October 30, 2021

Had a full on day out riding with Neil and friends. I have been riding motorcycles for 40 years with big gaps in-between so today has been excellent with Neil’s constructive comments and observations. I would recommend this riding coarse to any one wanting to improve there riding skills. Also thanks to the other guys out riding with me today.

Scott October 30, 2021

Neil clearly has a huge amount of experience on the road and is able to convey techniques in an easy and understandable manor. I would certainly recommend the course to anyone looking to learn how to ride safer with more confidence.

Bec October 29, 2021

Fantastic learning experience …really felt like the instructor wanted to be there teaching you. I gained not only more knowledge about how to ride safely and effectively but also riding confidence. I had previously done a bronze course just under 6 months ago and this was way better and I feel I picked up more and appreciated the fact that a 9 to 5 learning day was exactly that and not cut short. The smaller learning group meant there was not only more one on one training but also made it easier to gel as a group. Also appreciated the frequent stops in the afternoon to keep the mind focused and fresh. Highly recommended and will definitely be using Empowered journeys for further motorcycle training.

Eruera October 28, 2021

Good no problem good tips happy to have had him as my instructor thanks neil stodart

Camille October 24, 2021

Great session. Very good I instructor.

Arturo October 24, 2021

I have learned a lot today, I know I would need a lot more training to build my confidence since it’s been a long time since I have ridden a motorbike.

Scott October 23, 2021
Calum October 23, 2021
Murray October 23, 2021

Was a good day out. Good to have some feed back as to things that I have let slip and some good points to practice. Well worth doing.

Nicky October 23, 2021
Marie October 23, 2021

Awesome day out, Neil was brilliant and had the time to explain and teach me with the slow u turn handling.
Would highly recommend friends to do this course.

John October 23, 2021

Neil was very informative and high lighted things I wasn’t aware of. Excellent course

Dave October 22, 2021

Neil shared his wealth of knowledge on motorcycle safety and riding. I consider him an expert coach and mentor. I feel much safer and more skilled having had the opportunity to be participating in his course.

Sarah October 18, 2021
Samantha October 17, 2021

Very professional, patient and educational Thank you very much.

Matthew October 17, 2021

Lots of theory, some genuinely useful practical work - urban techniques, slow riding drills, roundabouts and emergency stops - and several personalised feedback sessions for each of us after we took turns leading the ride ahead under Neil’s expert eye. Thanks for a great day.

Jaden October 16, 2021


Liz October 16, 2021

On-point instruction, very useful - and personalised - feedback. Great mix of theory and practical. Really enjoyed the day, thank you.

ALLAN October 11, 2021

Excellent course top Guy NEIL

Alain October 10, 2021

I found Neil very professional in his approach and his feedback was very concise, pointing out both the positive and negative aspects of my ride in a constructive manner. Although I have done a few of the gold courses over the years, this course nevertheless served to enhance my cornering and emergency braking skills. I would not hesitate to attend another one of Neil’s courses nor would I hesitate to promote his course to other motorcyclists.

Neil October 9, 2021

It was another great day on the Gold Ride Forever course with Neil Stodart. Time well spent with learning about specialist motorcycle riding tools for increased safety. Thanks very much !!!

Mita October 6, 2021

Awesome experience. There are areas where I now know I need to improve. Much appreciated Neil. Thank you.


Ingrid October 3, 2021

I have done bronze, silver and gold now and it is a great way to develop skills and improve riding experience in safe & fun way. 100% recommend.
It’s for everyone from the old timers coming back to riding , newbies starting off, to experienced riders for refresh on techniques. Should be compulsory for all riders.

hoani October 3, 2021

Hi Neil , Thanks very much for the things i could do years pass , but to do recall on most of things i could do years back was a good wakeup call to refine my skills forgotten , Cheers Neil ,cant wait for next recall , On my way back after our good day I had a few I D pass me , I wish we had a system in place to make it complusory an make it your rego cost is determined on the levels of grades like what we experienced today , Thumbs up to you Neil

Nicole September 26, 2021

Absolutely worthwhile course with a fantastic instructor. An action-packed day full of learning and fun, with Neil catering to the variety of skill levels on the course. Very highly recommended!

Jody September 26, 2021

Hi Neil Thanks for a great day out. Learned so much from you , appreciated the feedback and tips. Excellent !!

Stu September 25, 2021

I found Neil to be a very informative instructor and provided loads of potentially life saving techniques and tips. He also was happy to answer any questions I had. More than happy to have done the Bronze course that covered everything you’d require to advance from a learners license. I look forward to doing the Silver. Cheers Stu

Greg September 25, 2021

Seems because I hadn’t done the instructer led course before hand I was always going to fail. My regret is not taking my go-pro as its my word vs the instructor. I would seriously recommend for anyone else they take their go-pro. The instructor should have one to back up their claims.

KRISHNA September 25, 2021

Neil is a natural born motorcycle instructor. Not only does he explain things clearly and calmly but he also exemplifies what it is to be an excellent rider. I learned as much from following him as I did from listening to him. Every rider should do this course, even if you think you know it all.